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Socket Preservation in Durango, CO

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What is socket preservation?

The socket preservation procedure is used when there is a tooth has been extracted to prevent the jaw bone from narrowing. This procedure aims to preserve the original site for future implants and prevent bone loss or damage to connective tissue or soft tissues in the gums. It can be performed any time after the initial placement of the implant or tooth extraction. This procedure is typically done during the same appointment.

During the socket preservation procedure, the dentist will remove some of the surrounding bone from around the implant. There are two ways to save your socket after having your tooth removed. One way involves using a synthetic material for the bone grafts to fill the space left by the removed root canal. Another option is to use a piece of animal or human tissue to create a new socket for the missing teeth.


The Importance of Socket Preservation for Excellent Oral Health

A dry socket can cause havoc on the mouth and is one reason why it’s so important to protect the empty tooth’s socket. Typically when a tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms. If that blood clot is knocked loose and dislodges, a dry socket can form and expose the nerve beneath it. Protecting those nerves and keeping the socket in its original shape makes placing an implant or false tooth easier and less painful.

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What procedures would require socket preservation?

Tooth extraction or root canals are common dental procedures that may require socket preservation if the tooth needs to be removed from the jawbone. A dental implant may also need to be placed in the same location as the empty tooth socket. In these cases, the dentist removes some of the bone around the tooth so that the implant can fit properly and preserve the socket area to ensure the implant can be placed properly.

How long does it take to perform the socket preservation procedure?

This depends on how many times the dentist must drill out the bone and replace it with a bone graft or synthetic material. The healing process takes a little longer. It can take about 3-4 months, depending on how quickly your mouth heals and if there are any complications.

Is there anything I should know before undergoing the socket preservation procedure?

You should not have any problems with the socket preservation procedure unless you have had previous oral surgeries in the area. You should tell our dentist if you have allergies to anesthesia, blood thinners, or other medications. Also, let our dentist know if you have diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions that could affect your healing process. If you smoke, you should stop smoking prior to any dental care procedure. Smoking increases the risk of infection and bleeding. Your dentist will provide you with additional information regarding the risks involved with the procedure.

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