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Maintaining good dental health is an integral part of overall wellness. At West Dental Implants & Prosthetics, we want to help you continuously improve your dental care. We use the latest state-of-the-art dental technology in Durango to provide our patients with top-notch treatment that can lead to a brighter, healthier smile. Here’s why it matters to your dental health:

Precise Diagnoses

One of dental technology’s most significant advantages is its accuracy when diagnosing dental conditions. With digital X-rays and 3D imaging tools, for example, Dr. Robison and his team can easily spot even the tiniest dental problems that may go unnoticed by the naked eye. These diagnostic tools allow for early detection and timely treatment, which can be especially crucial for dental emergencies.

Faster Healing Times

With digital dentistry, procedures typically taking several appointments can now be completed in one sitting. Dental technology also speeds up healing times, reducing patient recovery. This reduces the number of appointments a patient has to make and helps to save both time and money.

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Personalized Care

Dental technology offers tools to provide custom treatment to our patients. We can use it to create custom dental restorations and prosthetics using 3D imaging and 5 Axis Mill technology. The tools also enable us to plan procedures step-by-step before starting, ensuring the most effective treatment with a predictable and safe outcome.

Improved Patient Education

Dental technology helps patients understand what they need and why they need it. Patient education is a critical component of dental care. With advanced dental technology, it’s easier for us to explain the procedures, the benefits, and the potential problems to patients. Patient education helps patients understand how to take care of their teeth and gums, and it helps them make informed decisions about the treatment they receive.

Improved Treatment Experiences

Dental procedures have come a long way from the tedious, uncomfortable methods dentists used decades ago. With modern dental technology, we can complete procedures like dental implants, dental veneers, and even tooth extraction with minimal discomfort. Dental technology like dental lasers means that many procedures can be non-invasive, ensuring patients’ comfortable experiences throughout treatment.

Our Dental Technology

The following are some examples of the technology we use to improve the treatment process for our patients.

In-House Lab

We are proud to have an in-house lab that allows us to provide exceptional service to our patients—having a lab on-site means that we have complete control over the quality of our materials and the speed of our turnaround. This translates to faster treatment times and better outcomes for our patients. We staff our lab with highly trained technicians who use the latest technology and techniques to create customized solutions for each patient. We believe that having an in-house lab sets us apart from other dental practices and allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients.

ICam 4D

This cutting-edge technology allows us to capture exact 3D images of a patient’s mouth, which we can use to create highly accurate digital models of their teeth. The ICam 4D can also capture real-time images, which means we can get a complete and precise image of a patient’s mouth in just a few seconds. This technology is a game-changer, as it allows us to offer our patients more accurate diagnoses, more effective treatments, and a higher level of care overall. With ICam 4D, we can help patients achieve healthier, happier smiles.

5 Axis Mill

This highly advanced piece of machinery allows for creating precise dental components, such as implants and crowns in Durango, Colorado. This unique technology is truly remarkable and tremendously impacts the dental industry. With its ability to quickly craft intricate dental pieces, the technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for quality and convenience.

Asiga Max 3d Printer

Asiga Max 3D Printer is a top-of-the-line 3D printer that offers the latest dental technology, making it easy and efficient to produce dental restoration products. Our clients can expect even more precise and flawless implants and prosthetics with this technology.

Trios Intra Oral Scanner

The Trios intraoral scanner has revolutionized the way we take dental impressions. It allows for more accurate and efficient images. This scanner creates a digital map of the mouth, providing a more precise representation for us to create custom implants and prosthetics.

Millenium Laser (LAPIP)

This innovative technology offers a minimally invasive treatment option for patients suffering from periodontitis, an inflammatory disease affecting the gums and tissue around the teeth. The Millenium laser is designed to selectively target and remove the infected tissue while promoting healthy tissue regeneration, resulting in a renewed sense of oral health and wellness.


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) offers highly detailed 3D images. It is an invaluable tool for diagnosing and planning complex dental procedures, particularly implant dentistry. We use CBCT technology to accurately assess the placement of dental implants and create customized treatment plans for each patient.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology in Durango, Colorado

At West Dental Implants & Prosthetics, our dental technology is a game-changer. From digital imaging tools to custom prosthetics, dental technology has revolutionized dental procedures, making treatments accurate, faster, and more comfortable for our patients. 

We offer our patients the highest level of care possible by keeping up-to-date with these technological advancements. The benefits of dental technology are substantial and undeniably improve the dental care experience for our patients, allowing them to smile brighter with confidence.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nathan Robison. You’ll be glad you did, and it will show in your beautiful, healthy smile!

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